Cardholder dispute

As a cardholder you can come to us for help when you wish to dispute a card transaction.

To initiate a dispute you need to fill out one of our forms below. Once you have submitted your dispute, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an ID number during the day. It is important that you save the ID number if you need to contact us regarding your dispute.

I have made the purchase but something went wrong with my purchase or withdrawal

For example, if you have been debited incorrectly or have not received the product/service that you paid for with your card, you must first try to solve this with the merchant. If you do not get help from the merchant, you are welcome to file a complaint.

After processing the complaint you may be entitled to some compensation.

For those who have paid for a product or service with the card and that have not been delivered due to bankruptcy

Always start by contacting the merchant and claim your compensation for them, as it is the merchant that should primarily compensate for the missing product/service.

If the merchant informs you that they will return you the amount, arm yourself with patience as it takes longer now than usual.

If the merchant offer is a voucher that you do not want, you must notify them that you refuse the offer and that you wish to the amount refunded.

If you have tried to resolve this with the seller but have not received compensation, you can make a dispute.

The complaint must contain:

  • Booking confirmation of the type of product/service that you purchased, date, amount and conditions of purchase.
  • Copy of the entire correspondence between you and the merchant, stating clearly the date and the sender. 
  • Cause of cancellation. Who canceled - you or the merchant?
  • Attach a copy of the cancellation conformation from the merchant stating the date of promised refund.

Dispute incorrect purchases or withdrawals

My card has been stolen or lost

If you wish to dispute a transaction made with a stolen or lost card it is important that you block your card immediately. You also need to file a police report and attach it to your dispute.

Dispute transactions made with a stolen or lost card

I neither made nor authorized the transaction(s)

If you have detected unauthorized transactions on your card you need to block it immediately to prevent any further transactions from occurring. Remember that you also need to file a police report.

Dispute unauthorized transactions